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CNC Machining Services at '3D Max Pro' Prototypes

Prototyping through CNC machining passes on fast, high precision, and solid quick part delivering plans. It’s a subtractive process where the parts are made from raw bar stock or billet of material and , taking out material to make CNC machined parts or things. At 3D Max Pro, strengths are controlled to DIN-2678-1 Fine for metals and Medium for plastics as standard for CNC models.

Highlights – CNC machining services deliver parts made from a wide range of plastics and metals. Over 20 high precision CNC mills, lathes, sink and wire EDMs, and surface grinding machines help us deliver custom CNC machining for many industries.

Benefits Of Precision CNC Machining

  • Quick and repeatable for low volume fabricating
  • CNC models follow through on exact and high resistance details
  • Wide scope of creation and quick model assembling materials
  • Quick machining offers incredible surface wrapping up