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Rapid Injection Molding Services by '3D Max Pro' Prototypes

  • Fast tooling conveys low volume creation quality parts .Consider quick infusion shaping as end use model assembling.
  • Iterate quickly with rapidly built prototypes
  • Test functions during product development with production-grade parts
  • Test several different materials
  • Test several CAD models
  • Implement bridge tooling
  • Leverage low-volume production for on-demand parts
  • Manage demand volatility

Highlights – 3D Max Pro plastic molding tools are made from steel or aluminium. We use both options but most of our custom injection molding tools are steel. Why? More value for you. Our steel rapid tool injection molding services will typically deliver more than double the parts than comparable aluminium programs.

3D Max Pro Injection Molding Services Benefits

  • Lower upfront investment
  • High speed and quality